Purchase Order Financing, Letters of Credit and International Trade Finance

HomeWith over 20 years in business, our extensive service in trade finance allows Ashford Finance to deliver quick turnaround and immediate answers to small and medium borrowers. Our flexibility and creative financing is the most important aspect to enhancing your business success.

We provide 100% funding of cost of goods. We provide an overlay to the operational management process that ensures the goods are of proper quality, insured, shipped on time, and that the end buyer pays in a timely fashion thus enabling the success of each transaction. ASHFORD FINANCE is managed by trade finance and merchant banking professionals with extensive backgrounds as well as professionals from manufacturing and trading. Together we bring our combined expertise to address the funding needs of our clients.


Purchase Order Financing
Domestic/ Import / Export Financing
Letters of Credit
Receivables Financing


    • Funds transactions based upon the merit of the transaction rather the borrower’s balance sheet.
    • Structures and funds complicated trade finance transactions that banks can not handle.
    • Funds transactions ranging from U.S. $25,000 to U.S. $10,000,000.
    • Finances full cycle from purchase of goods to receivable financing
    • Finances 100% of the costs providing unlimited growth opportunities
    • Provides transactional venture capital without borrower incurring any loss of equity
    • An independent financing source empowering borrowers to negotiate better terms with suppliers


  • Provides one-stop financing and logistic management including inspection, insurance, freight, and customs.
  • More flexible than other financing options
  • Experienced in all aspects of trade finance



Sporting Goods
Processed / Frozen Foods
Premium Goods
Other Consumer Goods
Near Commodities
(seafood, wood, chemicals, scrap, paper, sugar, grey cloth, cement, plastics, etc.)

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If you have valid Purchase Orders (PO) and you are unable to obtain funding to purchase the goods, call Ashford Finance for 100% funding.


Perfect Time Productions (Music Distribution Services)

I had a wonderful experience working with Ashford Finance. After landing multi million dollars in sales orders from the leading Bed & Bath chain, I found it difficult receiving a loan that would support our needs. Nosh and his team stepped up and made the process very easy and enjoyable. The Ashford team was helpful and fully supportive from start to finish. I always recommend Ashford Finance to anyone looking to grow their business. – Victor Btesh / President

Casitas A Footwear Company, Inc (Shoes & Handbags)

At a time when our European suppliers couldn’t take any risks considering the status of USA economy, Ashford Finance was there. They helped us with our financial needs. Without their support and helping hand we would not have been able to respond to the demands of our suppliers. Ashford Finance helped us grow our business at a time when markets were questionable! Thank you. – Anne-Marie Longpre / President

Alpha Fashions LLC (Home Textile)

Ashford Finance has handled Alpha’s purchase order financing for well over 6 years. During that time, Ashford’s representative had always been prompt and courteous with all communications. Ashford Finance had always wired funds in a timely manner, both to Alpha’s supplier and eventually payment to Alpha’s account. – Elaine Pankowicz / CEO & Owner

Kane Industry Corporation (Tableware)

As the former president of Kane Industries Corporation of Oxnard, California, I had the opportunity to use the services of Ashford finance in several large and important transaction of our company. We were an import and distribution company and were in need of some very creative financial solutions to not-to-ordinary transactions. Ashford was not only one of the very few financial companies that would ever consider these transaction, They also assist us in constructing the details of the complicated interactions in such a way as to help us and help our overseas overcome difficult obstacles. I will always be grateful to Nosh Hasan and his team for the outstanding work they did for us. – James S. Zimring / President

Unique Sports Generation Inc. (Sport Branded Active Wear)

Appreciate the great service and finance by Ashford Finance it help build our company. – Torrel Harris / President

Pueblo Pottery LLC (Home & Garden)

Ashford Finance really provides a foundation to the work we do as global importers. The care they take and the importance they place on the work they do as a team makes a measurable difference to our cash flow and our bottom line. Without the dedication, professionalism and hard work from Ashford, we could have never taken the scalability we have on our product sales. – Larry Dorsey / VP Operation & Finance